Derived Types

acc_devmem_type dbcsr_acc_devmem None
acc_event_type dbcsr_acc_event None
acc_stream_type dbcsr_acc_stream None
array_i1d_obj dbcsr_array_types None
array_i1d_type dbcsr_array_types None
array_list dbcsr_array_list_methods None
block_buffer_type dbcsr_tas_reshape_ops None
block_buffer_type dbcsr_tensor_reshape None
block_nd dbcsr_tensor_block None
block_nd_c_dp dbcsr_tensor_block None
block_nd_c_sp dbcsr_tensor_block None
block_nd_r_dp dbcsr_tensor_block None
block_nd_r_sp dbcsr_tensor_block None
block_parameters dbcsr_block_access None
block_parameters dbcsr_iterator_operations None
btree_data_cp2d dbcsr_btree None
btree_data_dp2d dbcsr_btree None
btree_data_sp2d dbcsr_btree None
btree_data_zp2d dbcsr_btree None
btree_i8_cp2d dbcsr_btree None
btree_i8_dp2d dbcsr_btree None
btree_i8_sp2d dbcsr_btree None
btree_i8_zp2d dbcsr_btree None
btree_node_i8_cp2d dbcsr_btree None
btree_node_i8_dp2d dbcsr_btree None
btree_node_i8_sp2d dbcsr_btree None
btree_node_i8_zp2d dbcsr_btree None
btree_node_p_i8_cp2d dbcsr_btree None
btree_node_p_i8_dp2d dbcsr_btree None
btree_node_p_i8_sp2d dbcsr_btree None
btree_node_p_i8_zp2d dbcsr_btree None
btree_node_structure_i8_cp2d dbcsr_btree None
btree_node_structure_i8_dp2d dbcsr_btree None
btree_node_structure_i8_sp2d dbcsr_btree None
btree_node_structure_i8_zp2d dbcsr_btree None
call_stat_type dbcsr_timings_base_type None
callstack_entry_type dbcsr_timings_base_type None
CONF_PAR dbcsr_config None
CONF_PAR_INT dbcsr_config CONF_PAR
csr_data_area_type dbcsr_csr_conversions None

Data type of CSR matrices

csr_mapping_data dbcsr_csr_conversions None

Mapping data relating local CSR indices to local indices of a block-row distributed (BRD) DBCSR matrix, and containing the block structure of the original DBCSR matrix from which the CSR matrix was created.

csr_p_type dbcsr_csr_conversions None
csr_type dbcsr_csr_conversions None

Type for CSR matrices

dbcsr_1d_array_obj dbcsr_types None

A 1-D array of DBCSR matrices

dbcsr_1d_array_type dbcsr_types None

An array of DBCSR matrices

dbcsr_2d_array_obj dbcsr_types None

A 2-D array of DBCSR matrices

dbcsr_2d_array_type dbcsr_types None

A 2-d array of DBCSR matrices

dbcsr_block_buffer_obj dbcsr_types None

Object for the buffer of blocks

dbcsr_block_buffer_type dbcsr_types None

Buffer for blocks

dbcsr_buffer dbcsr_mm_3d None
dbcsr_buffers dbcsr_mm_3d None
dbcsr_config_type dbcsr_config None
dbcsr_data_area_type dbcsr_data_types None

Stores actual data

dbcsr_data_obj dbcsr_data_types None
dbcsr_distribution_obj dbcsr_types None
dbcsr_distribution_type dbcsr_api None
dbcsr_distribution_type dbcsr_types None

Matrix distribution on the processor grid

dbcsr_heap_node dbcsr_min_heap None
dbcsr_heap_node_e dbcsr_min_heap None
dbcsr_heap_type dbcsr_min_heap None
dbcsr_imagedistribution_obj dbcsr_types None
dbcsr_imagedistribution_type dbcsr_types None

Image distributions are used to map incompatible processor row and column distributions. Used to ease storage or transfer between two different-sizes sets. For example, if there are 4 real processor rows that are mapped to 8 "virtual" processor rows, then there are two images for every real processor row.

dbcsr_iteration_info_type dbcsr_iter_types None

contains the information about the current state of the program to be able to decide if output is necessary

dbcsr_iterator dbcsr_types None

An iterator over a DBCSR matrix.

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dbcsr_iterator_type dbcsr_api None
dbcsr_layers_3D_C_reduction dbcsr_mm_3d None
dbcsr_logger_p_type dbcsr_log_handling None
dbcsr_logger_type dbcsr_log_handling None

type of a logger, at the moment it contains just a print level starting at which level it should be logged (0 note, 1 warning, 2 failure, 3 fatal) it could be expanded with the ability to focus on one or more module/object/thread/processor

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dbcsr_mempool_entry_type dbcsr_data_types None
dbcsr_mempool_type dbcsr_data_types None

Memory related types

dbcsr_memtype_type dbcsr_data_types None
dbcsr_memtype_type_p dbcsr_mm_common None
dbcsr_mm_accdrv_type dbcsr_mm_accdrv None
dbcsr_mm_csr_type dbcsr_mm_csr None
dbcsr_mm_hostdrv_type dbcsr_mm_hostdrv None
dbcsr_mm_multrec_type dbcsr_mm_multrec None

Used to carry data among the various calls. Each thread has its own private copy.

dbcsr_mm_multrec_type_p dbcsr_mm_common None
dbcsr_mm_sched_type dbcsr_mm_sched None
dbcsr_mp_obj dbcsr_types None

Wrapper for the dbcsr_mp_type

dbcsr_mp_type dbcsr_types None

A processor (process) grid distribution

dbcsr_mpi_statistics_type dbcsr_types None

DBCSR MPI statistics

dbcsr_mutable_obj dbcsr_types None

Object for the mutable data type

dbcsr_mutable_type dbcsr_types None

Data area with random access reads, insertions, and deletions.

dbcsr_p_type dbcsr_api None
dbcsr_scalar_type dbcsr_data_types None

Stores a scalar in any of the supported data types.

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dbcsr_t_contraction_storage dbcsr_tensor_types None
dbcsr_t_distribution_type dbcsr_tensor_types None
dbcsr_t_iterator_type dbcsr_tensor_block None
dbcsr_t_pgrid_type dbcsr_tensor_types None
dbcsr_t_type dbcsr_tensor_types None
dbcsr_tas_blk_size_arb dbcsr_tas_global dbcsr_tas_rowcol_data
dbcsr_tas_blk_size_one dbcsr_tas_global dbcsr_tas_rowcol_data
dbcsr_tas_blk_size_repl dbcsr_tas_global dbcsr_tas_rowcol_data
dbcsr_tas_blk_size_t dbcsr_tensor_types dbcsr_tas_rowcol_data
dbcsr_tas_dist_arb dbcsr_tas_global dbcsr_tas_distribution
dbcsr_tas_dist_cyclic dbcsr_tas_global dbcsr_tas_distribution
dbcsr_tas_dist_repl dbcsr_tas_global dbcsr_tas_distribution
dbcsr_tas_dist_t dbcsr_tensor_types dbcsr_tas_distribution
dbcsr_tas_distribution dbcsr_tas_global None
dbcsr_tas_distribution_type dbcsr_tas_types None
dbcsr_tas_iterator dbcsr_tas_types None
dbcsr_tas_mm_storage dbcsr_tas_types None
dbcsr_tas_rowcol_data dbcsr_tas_global None
dbcsr_tas_split_info dbcsr_tas_types None
dbcsr_tas_type dbcsr_tas_types None
dbcsr_type dbcsr_api None
dbcsr_type dbcsr_types None

The BCSR sparse matrix type.

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dbcsr_type_p dbcsr_types None

Pointer to a object.

dbcsr_work_type dbcsr_types None

Used for assembling a real matrix.

dbcsr_work_type_p dbcsr_types None

Pointer to a work matrix.

default_logger_stack_type dbcsr_log_handling None
dgemm_join dbcsr_block_access None
dgemm_join dbcsr_iterator_operations None
dict_i4tuple_callstat_item_type dbcsr_dict None
dict_i4tuple_callstat_type dbcsr_dict None
dict_str_i4_item_type dbcsr_dict None
dict_str_i4_type dbcsr_dict None
ele_type dbcsr_mm_csr None

Types needed for the hashtable.

hash_table_type dbcsr_mm_csr None
i_array_p dbcsr_work_operations None
list_callstackentry_type dbcsr_list_callstackentry None
list_routinereport_type dbcsr_list_routinereport None
list_routinestat_type dbcsr_list_routinestat None
list_timerenv_type dbcsr_list_timerenv None
mn_local_sizes dbcsr_mm_3d None
mp_comm_type dbcsr_mpiwrap None
mp_file_indexing_meta_type dbcsr_mpiwrap None
mp_file_type dbcsr_mpiwrap None
mp_indexing_meta_type dbcsr_mpiwrap None
mp_info_type dbcsr_mpiwrap None
mp_perf_env_p_type dbcsr_mpiwrap None
mp_perf_env_type dbcsr_mpiwrap None
mp_perf_type dbcsr_mpiwrap None
mp_request_type dbcsr_mpiwrap None
mp_type_descriptor_type dbcsr_mpiwrap None
mp_win_type dbcsr_mpiwrap None
nd_to_2d_mapping dbcsr_tensor_index None
preconnection_type dbcsr_files None
private_item_p_type_callstackentry dbcsr_list_callstackentry None
private_item_p_type_i4tuple_callstat dbcsr_dict None
private_item_p_type_routinereport dbcsr_list_routinereport None
private_item_p_type_routinestat dbcsr_list_routinestat None
private_item_p_type_str_i4 dbcsr_dict None
private_item_p_type_timerenv dbcsr_list_timerenv None
private_item_type_callstackentry dbcsr_list_callstackentry None
private_item_type_i4tuple_callstat dbcsr_dict None
private_item_type_routinereport dbcsr_list_routinereport None
private_item_type_routinestat dbcsr_list_routinestat None
private_item_type_str_i4 dbcsr_dict None
private_item_type_timerenv dbcsr_list_timerenv None
routine_report_type dbcsr_timings_base_type None
routine_stat_type dbcsr_timings_base_type None
stack_buffer_type dbcsr_mm_accdrv None
stack_descriptor_type dbcsr_mm_types None
stats_type dbcsr_mm_sched None
thread_private_type dbcsr_mm_accdrv None
timer_env_type dbcsr_timings_types None