ProgramSource FileDescription
dbcsr_example_1 dbcsr_example_1.F

DBCSR example 1: This example shows how to create a DBCSR matrix

dbcsr_example_2 dbcsr_example_2.F

DBCSR example 2: This example shows how to set a DBCSR matrix

dbcsr_example_3 dbcsr_example_3.F

DBCSR example 3: This example shows how to multiply two dbcsr matrices

dbcsr_performance_driver dbcsr_performance_driver.F

Performance tester for DBCSR operations

dbcsr_tas_unittest dbcsr_tas_unittest.F

Unit testing for tall-and-skinny matrices

dbcsr_tensor_example_1 dbcsr_tensor_example_1.F

Sparse tensor contraction example

dbcsr_tensor_unittest dbcsr_tensor_unittest.F

DBCSR tensor unit test

dbcsr_test_csr_conversions dbcsr_test_csr_conversions.F

Testing DBCSR to CSR conversion with random matrices

dbcsr_unittest dbcsr_unittest4.F

Tests for DBCSR operations

dbcsr_unittest_1 dbcsr_unittest1.F

Tests for DBCSR operations: add, multiply and multiply-ghost

dbcsr_unittest_2 dbcsr_unittest2.F

Tests for DBCSR multiply: large blocks (block size=100) and rectangular matrices (block size=5)

dbcsr_unittest_3 dbcsr_unittest3.F

Tests for DBCSR multiply: various block sizes that are run by the libsmm_acc GPU backend if DBCSR is compiled with GPU support.