kernel parameters and memory


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Batched Multiplication Kernels

All kernels have following signature:

template <int m, int n, int k, int M, int N, int w, int v, int threads, int grouping, int minblocks >

__global__ void
__launch_bounds__(threads, minblocks)
(const int *__restrict__ param_stack, const int stack_size,
const double* __restrict__ a_data, const double* __restrict__ b_data, double* c_data);

At kernel launch time, the A, B, and C matrices, as well as the product descriptors (the so-called stacks) are all located in global memory on the GPU. Each entry in the stack describes one matrix-matrix product: it contains three pointers to the blocks in the A, B, and C matrices. After the kernel has read a stack entry, it fetches the blocks in matrices A and B from global to shared memory, and updates the C matrix with the product of A and B.

libsmm_acc provides 5 different kernels for this operation (tiny, small, medium, largeDB1, largeDB2), which are optimized for different block sizes. Please refer to the documentation inside the respective .h files for more details.