To build the documentation you need FORD.

Afterwards use the doc target for the CMake generated Makefile:

    mkdir build
    cd build
    cmake .. # will look for the `ford` binary
    make doc

Note that in order to generate the documentation with examples (recommended), the following options should be activated in cmake (these are the options' default values)

    cmake -DUSE_MPI=ON -DWITH_EXAMPLES=ON .. # these options are default and recommended.
                                             # If set off, the examples' documentation is not generated.

The documentation (HTML format) will be located in doc/. To view it, open doc/index.html in a browser.

Add Pages

To add pages to the documentation, write Markdown files and add them to the desired location in dbcsr/docs/guide. Note that subfolders of guide will only be added to the documentation pages if they contain a file For more information on writing pages, see Ford's documentation.