dbcsr_t_map_bounds_to_tensors Subroutine

private subroutine dbcsr_t_map_bounds_to_tensors(tensor_1, tensor_2, contract_1, notcontract_1, contract_2, notcontract_2, bounds_t1, bounds_t2, bounds_1, bounds_2, bounds_3, do_crop_1, do_crop_2)

Map contraction bounds to bounds referring to tensor indices see dbcsr_t_contract for docu of dummy arguments


Type IntentOptional Attributes Name
type(dbcsr_t_type), intent(in) :: tensor_1
type(dbcsr_t_type), intent(in) :: tensor_2
integer, intent(in), DIMENSION(:) :: contract_1
integer, intent(in), DIMENSION(:) :: notcontract_1
integer, intent(in), DIMENSION(:) :: contract_2
integer, intent(in), DIMENSION(:) :: notcontract_2
integer, intent(out), DIMENSION(2, ndims_tensor(tensor_1)) :: bounds_t1

bounds mapped to tensor_1

integer, intent(out), DIMENSION(2, ndims_tensor(tensor_2)) :: bounds_t2

bounds mapped to tensor_2

integer, intent(in), optional, DIMENSION(2, SIZE(contract_1)) :: bounds_1
integer, intent(in), optional, DIMENSION(2, SIZE(notcontract_1)) :: bounds_2
integer, intent(in), optional, DIMENSION(2, SIZE(notcontract_2)) :: bounds_3
logical, intent(out), optional :: do_crop_1

whether tensor 1 should be cropped whether tensor 2 should be cropped

logical, intent(out), optional :: do_crop_2

whether tensor 1 should be cropped whether tensor 2 should be cropped