dbcsr_memtype_setup Subroutine

public subroutine dbcsr_memtype_setup(memtype, acc_hostalloc, acc_devalloc, mpi, acc_stream, oversize_factor, has_pool)

Ensures that given memtype has requested settings.


Type IntentOptional Attributes Name
type(dbcsr_memtype_type), intent(inout) :: memtype
logical, intent(in), optional :: acc_hostalloc
logical, intent(in), optional :: acc_devalloc
logical, intent(in), optional :: mpi
type(acc_stream_type), optional :: acc_stream
real(kind=dp), optional :: oversize_factor
logical, intent(in), optional :: has_pool

Source Code

   SUBROUTINE dbcsr_memtype_setup(memtype, acc_hostalloc, acc_devalloc, mpi, &
      !! Ensures that given memtype has requested settings.
                                  acc_stream, oversize_factor, has_pool)
      TYPE(dbcsr_memtype_type), INTENT(INOUT)            :: memtype
      LOGICAL, INTENT(IN), OPTIONAL                      :: acc_hostalloc, acc_devalloc, mpi
      TYPE(acc_stream_type), OPTIONAL                    :: acc_stream
      REAL(KIND=dp), OPTIONAL                            :: oversize_factor
      LOGICAL, INTENT(IN), OPTIONAL                      :: has_pool

      LOGICAL                                            :: is_ok, my_has_pool
      TYPE(dbcsr_memtype_type)                           :: aim

! variable aim is initialized with default values from type definition

      my_has_pool = .FALSE.
      IF (PRESENT(has_pool)) my_has_pool = has_pool
      IF (PRESENT(acc_hostalloc)) aim%acc_hostalloc = acc_hostalloc
      IF (PRESENT(acc_devalloc)) aim%acc_devalloc = acc_devalloc
      IF (PRESENT(mpi)) aim%mpi = mpi
      IF (PRESENT(acc_stream)) aim%acc_stream = acc_stream
      IF (PRESENT(oversize_factor)) aim%oversize_factor = oversize_factor

      IF (.NOT. aim%acc_devalloc .EQV. acc_stream_associated(aim%acc_stream)) &
         DBCSR_ABORT("acc_stream missing")

      is_ok = .TRUE.
      is_ok = is_ok .AND. (memtype%acc_hostalloc .EQV. aim%acc_hostalloc)
      is_ok = is_ok .AND. (memtype%acc_devalloc .EQV. aim%acc_devalloc)
      is_ok = is_ok .AND. (memtype%mpi .EQV. aim%mpi)
      is_ok = is_ok .AND. acc_stream_equal(memtype%acc_stream, aim%acc_stream)
      is_ok = is_ok .AND. (memtype%oversize_factor == aim%oversize_factor)
      is_ok = is_ok .AND. (ASSOCIATED(memtype%pool) .EQV. my_has_pool)

      IF (.NOT. is_ok) THEN
         IF (ASSOCIATED(memtype%pool)) &
            CALL dbcsr_mempool_destruct(memtype%pool)

         memtype%acc_hostalloc = aim%acc_hostalloc
         memtype%acc_devalloc = aim%acc_devalloc
         memtype%mpi = aim%mpi
         memtype%acc_stream = aim%acc_stream
         memtype%oversize_factor = aim%oversize_factor
         IF (my_has_pool) &
            CALL dbcsr_mempool_create(memtype%pool)
      END IF
   END SUBROUTINE dbcsr_memtype_setup