dbcsr_print_messages Module

Perform an abnormal program termination.


These routines are low-level and thus provide also an error recovery when dependencies do not allow the use of the error logger. Only the master (root) process will dump, if para_env is available and properly specified. Otherwise (without any information about the parallel environment) most likely more than one process or even all processes will send their error dump to the default output unit.


Type Visibility Attributes Name Initial
character(len=*), private, parameter :: moduleN = 'dbcsr_print_messages'


public subroutine print_message(message, output_unit, declev, before, after)

Perform a basic blocking of the text in message and print it optionally decorated with a frame of stars as defined by declev.

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Type IntentOptional Attributes Name
character(len=*), intent(in) :: message
integer, intent(in) :: output_unit
integer, intent(in), optional :: declev
integer, intent(in), optional :: before
integer, intent(in), optional :: after