dbcsr_tas_result_index Subroutine

public subroutine dbcsr_tas_result_index(transa, transb, transc, matrix_a, matrix_b, matrix_c, filter_eps, unit_nr, blk_ind, nze, retain_sparsity)

Estimate sparsity pattern of C resulting from A x B = C by multiplying the block norms of A and B Same dummy arguments as dbcsr_tas_multiply


Type IntentOptional Attributes Name
character(len=1), intent(in) :: transa
character(len=1), intent(in) :: transb
character(len=1), intent(in) :: transc
type(dbcsr_tas_type), intent(inout), TARGET :: matrix_a
type(dbcsr_tas_type), intent(inout), TARGET :: matrix_b
type(dbcsr_tas_type), intent(inout), TARGET :: matrix_c
real(kind=real_8), intent(in), optional :: filter_eps
integer, intent(in), optional :: unit_nr
integer(kind=int_8), intent(out), optional, DIMENSION(:, :), ALLOCATABLE :: blk_ind
integer(kind=int_8), intent(out), optional :: nze
logical, intent(in), optional :: retain_sparsity