dbcsr_tas_create_split Subroutine

public subroutine dbcsr_tas_create_split(split_info, mp_comm, split_rowcol, nsplit, own_comm, opt_nsplit)

Split Cartesian process grid using a default split heuristic.


Type IntentOptional Attributes Name
type(dbcsr_tas_split_info), intent(out) :: split_info

object storing all data corresponding to split, submatrices and parallelization

type(mp_comm_type), intent(in) :: mp_comm

MPI communicator with associated cartesian grid

integer, intent(in) :: split_rowcol

split rows or columns

integer, intent(in) :: nsplit

desired split factor, set to 0 if split factor of exactly 1 is required

logical, intent(in), optional :: own_comm

whether split_info should own communicator

logical, intent(in), optional :: opt_nsplit

whether nsplit should be optimized to process grid